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Swallow bird' s nest The swallows nest has a long history dating back to the ancient Ming Dynasty of being able to cure or prevent variety of diseases. It is widely believed by many physicians throughout the world to help regulate the function of endocrine system as well as other body functions. In ancient times, the swallows nest would only be consumed by people of rich and famous stature such as the Emperor of China due to its very rare and expensive price. However, over time swallows nests have become widely consumed by people regardless of age or importance. If taken regularly swallows nest has many positive effects on peoples health. Benefits such as: To improve body endurance and recover illness such as chronic influenza, cough, asthma or any illness associated with respiratory tract or lungs ( especially for smoker) . To help body recover after extensive operations or injuries. Improve post-operative broken cells. Strengthen the body, moisturize the skin, maintain beauty, provide energy and enhance the metabolism of fat. To maintain an ageless skin especially for women and delays the sign of aging. Strengthen infants body and stimulate the growth of the brain. Helps enhance metabolism, strengthen various body functions and reinforce immunity. Can alleviate tiredness, relieve spiritual pressure and recover body strength through consuming birds nest regularly. Helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Current development in health science refers to some water-soluble glycoprotein with a complex protein composition might influence medical properties in human body. This complex glycoprotein will, hopefully, in the future be able to cure cancer or even HIV patients to recover.